Happy Birthday, NIKON!

nikon 100 jahre
Nikon wird 100!

Denn bereits ein Jahrhundert lang trägt Nikon maßgeblich zur Veränderung der Fotografietechnik bei. Profi‑ und Hobby-Fotografen sowie Fans reisen durch 100 Jahre Geschichten, die Menschen aufgrund von Nikon erzählen können. MEHR ERFAHREN...


In the lead up to July 25, 2017, we will be celebrating the 100th anniversary of Nikon. As part of our celebrations, we created 'Light': a short film tracing a 100 years of chasing light. We've also launched a special website to mark this event: www.nikon.com/100th

Founded in 1917, we had set our sights on exceeding the expectations of our consumers by building products of the highest standard with precision. Now, we sincerely wish to thank everyone, from our loyal customers to those who contributed to Nikon's history, for helping us reach the 100-year milestone.

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